Friday, September 14, 2007


Well, I know you've seen these jack-o-lanterns before, but I wanted to show you how adding a different background can really change up the mood. By adding the dark wool quilt and a few crows we have a more moody halloween look. This is easy to do at home too. The added bonus is that the quilts you use to do this do not have to be in pristine condition...which usually translates to a very affordable price.
We just tied some jute twine around the corners of the quilt and looped twine on a nail in the wall.
I have a new friend helping me at the cash register.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pumpkin Time!

We ready for fall at the shoppes! All these pumpkins and gourds are from a local couple who dye, carve and seal the gourds. We think they are the perfect halloween jack-o-lantern...and they'll last for years! Small jack-o-lanterns are 28 dollars, large ones are 32 dollars. The small gourds are three dollars and the large six dollars. The rusty footboard would make a great garden accent and is only $15.

We want Old City Hall Shoppes to be first a great antique mall. Then we want to offer wonderful items to accent that look or give as gifts...items made in the USA and as many as possible locally made.