Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting Ready for Spring........

We have a ton of these cabinet cards. I love to imagine what the people were like........and check out their fabulous clothes. Fabulous to look at. I sure wouldn't want to have to wear all those corsets and petticoats! The photos make wonderful fodder for collages, displays, and many kinds of artwork. I sketched a face from one the other day. Don't laugh now, I'm just learning to draw people.

We are getting ready for spring! There hasn't been many photos lately...but I should have taken some before and after photos. You see, the city has been restoring some more rooms in our building.. the old jail cells. They will house a wonderful art exhibit.........I'll take some pics of the hanging of the exhibit and give you a sneak preview through the blog. The photos depict sights along Route 66. More info on the opening of the exhibit in a future post.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Quilt Winner

Congratulations to Tim Fornero. Tim won the antique grandmother's flower garden quilt we were raffling to benefit Heifer International. We are still totaling the figures from the raffle, ark room sales, craft show and living gift market at First Baptist of Bloomington. We will report back soon with a total for our Heifer International fund raiser.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Maurine's New Room

The long awaited elevator for our building is planned to come in through one of Maurine's rooms. So we have moved her into this sweet little room. Maurine has a ton of cute kitchen stuff...including lots of vintage pyrex.
We are expecting work on the elevator to start soon, but we are already feeling the effects of another construction project. The city workers are restoring 4 more rooms (including the old jail cells!) in our building. These rooms will house a RT. 66 photography exhibit. So, though it may be dusty here at the moment, we still have lots of cool things for your home...and the dealers are bringing new finds regularly. Come on in and check it out.