Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meet Hawkeye

It just occurred to me that I've never introduced Hawkeye on the blog. He is my standard poodle and he comes to work with me every day. Most of the time when people are here he is napping in the office, but he keeps an eye on everything.
He is named after the character on M.A.S.H., which is kind of cool, as we have the war museum on the second floor of our building. If you are a dog lover, be sure to say Hi to him!


Unknown said...

Great looking Standard Poodle. What color is he?

I love M.A.S.H and Hawkeye is my favorite also.

I have three Standards, an Apricot male named Ed, a Red female named Meg and a Blue male named Simon.

I have a website all about Standard Poodles. Check it out.



Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

Oh, now this is the blog for me!Love seeing your shop and you do excellent display work.I owned a mall also up until March,2008, but had to close it due to the economy.So far, I have been able to keep FYNA open and hope to ride out this horrible economy. Thanks for pointing me to you at this blog. I'm going to continue to visit you here and I'll put you on my faavorite blogs. Look forward to meeting you if we can ever meet up in our antigue adventures!