Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Walking Rt. 66

Hawkeye greets Cherylynn

One of the things I like best about running OCHS is the people I get to meet. Today I met Cherylynn Delfino. She's a spunky young lady from New Jersy and she is walking across the country! She just started the Route 66 portion yesterday. Good Luck Cherylynn!


Anonymous said...

Joyce, I happened to stumble upon your blog just now! WOW! I had no idea you guys had such a cool group of shops in Pontiac. I have to admit we've passed the signs leading to town but have never taken the time to check out Pontiac. I will next time!

Thanks, Tabitha Long - owner Island Girl Salvage.

Charlie said...

I am an old friend of Cherylynn Delfino, any word of what she has been doing since Aug 2008 ?

KD said...

Are you still in touch with Cherylynn? She's my cousin and I haven't spoken with her in more than 10 years... Please get back to me with any info!