Saturday, November 14, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Sometimes people ask where we get our ideas for decorating the shop. Sometimes the ideas come from the oddest places....this year we were inspired by a crazy cover photo from Oprah's Magazine ( to go back to those big lights from our childhood. They're so cheerful...we just mixed them up with the little white lights for some sparkle. Even the chandelier (below) got the treatment!

Do you have lots of old pictures of long gone ancestors? Tuck them in your tree and add some old fashioned popcorn or yo-yo garland. No pics of ancestors of your own? Come on can have instant ancestors from the shoppes collection!

The vintage kitchen cupboard in red and white will instantly add cheer to your kitchen.


Pittsburgh Steelers Gifts  said...


Nice gifts and merchandise for Christmas occasion. I love these gifts in the pictures.

Thanks & cheers!!!

Tennessee Volunteers Merchandise said...

Wow what a gifts and decoration pieces for X-mas. Awesome blog. Thanks for sharing the post.