Thursday, November 10, 2011

Merry Christmas!

 We have many vintage items in the shop which can be used in your Christmas decorating! And some ideas to take home with you as well. This year we printed large letters on old book pages to spell out holiday wishes. The tree is one cut from a friend's woodlot, and we painted it white. Burlap adds some nice texture can easily use it at home for a rustic tree skirt or ribbon on a wreath.

  I've seen book pages used as wall paper, but we just used a bit of tape to make a backdrop for the Christmas season. By using several different books, we got lots of shades of mellow whites.

Springs from an old crib or bed make a great way to display Christmas cards and photos.

 Lots of shades of white, and lots of little white lights! Put some little lights in your house plants too!

 Crib rails can be used for magazine racks, trellis, towel racks, or use clothes pins or office clips to display your holiday cards. Antique cribs make great display pieces, but they are not up to today's safety standards, so we find lots of ways to use those wonderful old metal pieces.

 Vintage bottles, mirrors, prisms, and frogs

 Book pages, skates

 Vintage lace and glassware. Pull out all the red and green, and cut glass pieces. 
They sparkle in the Christmas lights!


Unknown said...

Beautiful photos and decorations. Thanks for sharing.

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susan said...

I love the tree branch!! How did you get it stay up? Is it planted in a pot somehow?

hennojabbour said...

Amazing ideas.