Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hanging an Art Show

There has been much excitement in our building lately. The city has been restoring the old jail cells to house a wonderful photography exhibit. Michael Campanelli travelled Rt 66 from end to end in eight days......recording his trip every step of the way. Here Michael and Rt. 66 expert and author John Weiss watch the progress being made on the hanging of the photos.
The city has done a wonderful job of restoring these should have seen what they looked like before. I'm really sorry I didn't take "before" photos! Now they are a beautiful space to showcase Campanelli's work. Here city administrator Bob Karls checks out the progress.
As you can see these photos are hung in an old jail cell complete with barred doors and windows. This space is accessible from our shop. The gallery space connects our shop and the war museum with the Illinois Rt. 66 Association Museum. Now you can come in one of the spaces and wander through the whole building with out ever having to go back outside. Soon we will have an elevator to complete the project.

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