Friday, May 25, 2007

Is your name Jane?

If so, we've got the perfect kitchen sign for you! Makes me wish my name was Jane...and that I had a wall big enough in my kitchen!

Janice just put this neat old shabby chest in her is covered with the prettiest vintage wallpaper!
This cute young couple visited us today from Sweden...they are doing the Route 66 trip from Chicago to LA. We have many visitors from overseas who are travelling Route 66. I never knew that the old highway is so famous in other countries until I moved to Pontiac and started seeing tourists from all over stopping in town.


Anonymous said...

What would you take for that "Jane's Pantry" sign?


theshopkeeper said...

I replied to Julie with email, but for anyone else interested, the sign is $80. A lot of impact for less than $100!

Anonymous said...

I happened across your blog. I love all the pictures you've taken. What a lovely place!