Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Walk the Red Carpet...

This weekend, May 5th and 6th, Pontiac will participate in the Red Carpet Corridor event. Towns from Joliet to Towanda along Rt 66 will be hosting garage sales, flea markets, food and fun. We will be open Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 12-4 for the event.

Don't you just love that cute chair?
Vintage cars are a frequent site in Pontiac. Sometimes whole clubs of auto fanciers will hold meetings at the Rt. 66 museum next door. The owners of these cars were from England and were touring the whole of Route 66 on their holiday.
This little mama is nesting above our north door and none of us has the heart to kick her out so close to Mother's Day. Yes, there is a baby in there too. Just step to the side as you are coming in to avoid mama dropping a present on you!

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