Monday, May 19, 2008

Going Up! The elevator is coming!

We are getting an elevator to make our building more accessible. The city owns the Old City Hall building and the attached firehouse. Recently they decided to put in an elevator to make the museums and shops easier for all to use. Thanks also goes to the Humiston Trust for their large donation.
The two buildings are connected on the upper level, but an open drive is between the two ...the elevator will go in this space.
I'm so excited about this project. Many times I have seen WWII vets come and not be able to see the war museum because they could not climb the stairs. Other times I have seen these men, some on oxygen, slowly climbing the steps and taking breaks to see the exhibits. If you haven't seen the museum, you really should visit. It's a very moving experience.

The elevator will also make our shoppes accessible as well as the upper level of the Route 66 Museum and the Campanelli photography exhibit in the old jail cells.

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